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Fight Back for First Amendment Rights

What We Do

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Legal Defense

We help scientists, writers, businesses and others targeted for speaking out on scientific issues and policy to defend themselves.

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Legal Offense

Retaliation for engaging in protected speech is against the law, and we aim to hold public officials who abuse their powers to account.

Sleek & Beautiful

Public Outreach

The public needs to understand the threat to our precious First Amendment rights, as well as to deliberative democracy, when scientists, think tanks, and private businesses are persecuted for their views.

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March 23, 2016 No Comments

In WSJ: Punishing Climate-Change Skeptics

Punishing Climate-Change Skeptics Some in Washington want to unleash government to harass heretics who don’t accept the ‘consensus.’ By DAVID B. RIVKIN JR. and ANDREW M. GROSSMAN Galileo Galilei was tried in 1633 for spreading the heretical view that the Earth orbits the sun, convicted by the Roman Catholic Inquisition, and remained under house arrest […]